"Electronic business and innovation development agency" was founded in the begining of 2009.

Our policies:

• Creative, technical and educational activities about global social networks, using social networks to promote business, develop and maintain quality conections with clients. Read more on the subject here: ir PDFONTOUR.COM

PDFONTOUR public creative workshop. Our blog about various initiatives, work and value judment on daily routine.

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Contact information

"Electronic business and innovation development agency"

(Lithuanian: Viešoji įstaiga "Elektroninio verslo ir inovacijų plėtros agentūra")

Company code 302300647

Account number
LT50 7300 0101 1371 8464
Bank code: 73000
Bank: „Swedbank“

Office address:
Laisves avenue 45, Kaunas, Lithuania

E-mail: info [at]

Phone +370 657 44022 



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